Unity Web Player 5.3.8

Media player for viewing 3D content within a browser

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    Windows 2003 / Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows Vista / Windows 8

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Unity Web Player is a plug-in that allows you to play Unity-enabled games on your computer.

If you're a fan of Flash games, you know that browser games have always been a little limited in their visuals. That's where Unity came in, providing fantastic 3D graphics on a scale that's usually reserved for more robust computer games. There have been a slew of indie hits that were made in Unity, and a horde of lesser games that can help players waste their time at home or at work. Thanks to the plug-in, players can now play Unity titles even if they don't have a browser that still works with Unity.

The biggest downside to Unity is the fact that it's entirely dependent on an Internet connection. If you've got a bad connection, games can become almost unplayable. This isn't a problem for those with stable connections, though, and it's something that might be rare depending on where you are. If you're depending on spotty Wi-

Fi, you'll get frustrated more often than not. Only those who can put up with slow games should be willing to put up with Unity on a public connection, especially if the connection is not dependable.

Unity is a great plug-in, and definitely one that players of browser-based games will want. It's a good idea to get this now, especially while the Unity standard is still up and working. Until there's something better out there, games that are made on Unity will likely be the best looking games you can play for free on a browser.


  • Great looking games
  • Ability to play free games based on Unity


  • Needs a solid internet connection to run well
  • Games can slow down
  • Unity support is dwindling, with fewer games being made

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